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Show Team News

Horse shows are a great way for riders to set goals, monitor their progress, and recieve feedback on how you or your horse's training is progressing.  This year, we are proud to be able to take our riders to many different shows and events.  Whatever your level or style of riding, there is something for you. 

For the novices who are just starting their show career, we hold small schooling shows here at the farm.  There are also practice shows at the nearby Boots & Saddles Riding Club on Tuesday evenings during the summer.  This show offers english, western, halter, and fun classes, and are very low key and geared towards learning in a relaxed atmosphere.  Boots & Saddles has also recently begun a more formal Sunday horse show series.

Our Hunter/Jumper kids attend the PJHSA open horse shows.  The Penn Jersey Horse Show Association is a premier open horse association in Northeast Pennsylvania and Northwest New Jersey.  Shows run from April through September.  There are events for competitors and non competitors in both English and Western disciplines. 

PJHSA awards points to members and their horses who compete at PJHSA shows which accumulate throughout the show season.  Annual championship awards are given in recognition of those members earning the most points throughout the year.  

Year-End Awards

A FOOTNOTE FROM HEATHER:  I am extremely proud of everyone who showed this summer.  These kids have only been riding for 2 to 3 years (some much less than that), and are new to the show ring - despite this, they received some good ribbons and handled themselves with grace and good sportsmanship (especially when things don't always go as planned - ;)  Showing would not be possible (or as much fun) without such a great group of people.  I would especially like to thank Roy Bigley, Amanda Carl, Nikki & Sami Van Cott; you guys made my summer really great!  I thought it would be fun to give out personal achievement awards to everyone - drumroll, please....

Chloe B. - The Nascar Sprint Cup - Did you see Chloe & Flynn whizzing around the arena at Mach 10?  Probably not, they were pretty much a blur.  Flynn says this going slow and looking fancy stuff may be okay for some, but he wants to do the pony races at Radnor next year!

Sagan - The P.B. Plaque - Peanut butter and jelly, mmmm, sounds good, right?  NO!  It stands for Purple Buns!  Awarded to the rider who took the most falls this summer.  But talk about being tough and getting right back in there - you betcha!

Jojo - The Golden Thighmaster - Awarded to the rider on the laziest horse.  This was a difficult choice, but I think Alex won it this year.

Abby - The Man 'O War Challenge Cup - Awarded to the best rider on a thoroughbred.

Jenna K. - The Bronze Tater Tot - Given to our teams shortest rider.  Haha, just kidding Jenna!

Jenna V. - The Holy Grail - This prestigious award goes to the rider who has ripped holes in her breeches not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES THIS YEAR!!!!!!  This is an amazing record that will surely not be broken in the years to come. 

Rosa - The Best in Blue Belt Buckle - To the horse and rider team who won the most blue ribbons at one show.

Brooke - The Silver Spoon - To the kid who loves the bareback and gymkhana classes the most!

Keara - The Great Green Goblet - Keara piloted a mare who is very green over fences!  

Steen - The Rodeo Queen Crown - For the rider who can stay on a bucking horse for more than 8 seconds!

T.C. - The Secretariat Trophy - To the student who did the most secretary work as well as being a groom and holding horses for the majority of most of the shows.

Rory - The Koala Bear Bowl - This could have been called the sticky buns award as well, Rory has stayed on Diesel through some pretty hairy moments!  You had to be there to see it.

Penn-Jersey Horse Show Association

Penn Jersey Horse Show Association was created to promote interest in horsemanship and to encourage area equestians to become involved in showing their horses and ponies.  A set of rules and regulations were created to give judges a standard by which to judge PJHSA pointed shows and promote sportmanlike cooperation between exhibitors.  A show calendar was created to assign show dates to prevent overlapping and conflicts.  PJHSA awards points to members and their horses who compete at PJHSA shows which accumulate throughout the show season.  Annual championship awards are given in recognition of those members earning the most points throughout the year.

Lehigh Valley Dressage Association

The Lehigh Valley Dressage Association (LVDA) is dedicated to promoting a high standard of the sport of dressage through quality education provided to the interested general public and the membership in the form of clinics, seminars, and dressage shows along with the promotion of outstanding horsemanship and proper equine management. LVDA is a Group Member Organization (GMO) of the United States Dressage Federation.


Buxmont Riding Club

The Buxmont Riding Club was organized in the fall of 1944 by a group of horsemen who wanted to enlarge
and expand their activities by including others interested in the sport. These first members were: Leon Baringer,
Harry Barndt, Bernice Moyer, Lester Void, John Hager, Bill Kallensee, Sr., and Bill Meyers.

The “Annual Buxmont Open Horse Show”, first held in 1945, grew from a small, local show to the point
where it was considered to be one of the outstanding shows in Eastern Pennsylvania. In 1963 there were 247
entrees from a tri-state area. This number increased yearly and in 1969, entries numbered approximately 475.
Due to the state of the national economy, in 1973 the “Open Show” was eliminated and a third “Gymkhana” was
added to the show season. Two “Junior Shows” were added in 1979 and the “Open Show” was reinstituted.
In 1988 a new class format was developed: the “Buxmont Horse Show and Gymkhana” which included three
divisions – English, Western, and Gymkhana. At that time the “Open Show”, the three individual “Gymkhanas”,
and the individual “Junior Shows” were eliminated. The “Buxmont Horse Show and Gymkhana” would be held
a minimum of twice yearly. This format continued into the 1990’s. In 1992, one English/Western Show and two
Gymkhanas were held. In 1993, one large Open Show, in affiliation with the Penn Jersey Horse Show Association,
and two Gymkhanas were held.
The club became a member of the Penn Jersey Horse Show Association in 1993 in the hopes of increasing
exhibitor participation. The show was successful and it was decided that in 1994, one English Show and one
Western Show, under Penn Jersey affiliation, would be held. No Gymkhanas were scheduled at this time due
to lack of exhibitors.
In 1995 Gymkhanas were reinstated. There was a minimum of three shows held each year.
In 2003, the Club became “PAC” (Paint Horse Alternative Competition) approved. In the spring of 2004, both
English and Western classes were reinstated. In addition, Gymkhanas were “spruced up” to include a variety of
different games. 2004 was a very successful show year for the Club with entries totaling close to 100.
Also in the spring of 2004, a food booth was erected in a location closer to the show ring.
This proved to be successful as well.

The BuxMont Riding Club has 22 acres for your enjoyment and is located off of Clump Road in Tylersport, Pa,
in Montgomery County.  

Buxmont membership fees are set at:

Single Membership is $30 (an individual that is 18 yrs or older)

Dual Membership is $35, 2 people (at least one of whom is 18yrs or older & both live under same roof;

Family Membership is $45, 3 or more people (at least one of whom is 18 yrs or older & all live under same roof)

Please make checks payable to: Buxmont Riding Club

Boots & Saddle Schooling Shows

Boots and Saddle Schooling Shows are open to the public.  These informal shows are an affordable and fun way to introduce riders of ALL AGES & ABILITY  to the world of horse shows.   English, Western, and Fun classes are offered each week.  No formal attire required.  Ribbons are given to winners in each class.  Food & Snacks are available at our concession stand.   

Burgundy Hollow Horse Trials

Mix and Match
Horse Trials, Dressage, Stadium, and Combined Test

       PRIZES !!!
        Two Lowest HT/Mix & Match scores: $50 gift certificate to
          1st place in each division:  Ribbon and Gift package from
          Barn/Trainer with most entries at each event: Gift Bag from
          Lowest Dressage Score: $25 Gift Certificate to

           Team Challenge:  Trophy
           A team consists of a minimum of 3 riders.  Riders do not all have to enter the full HT;
           however, each team must have at least 2 scores, at any level, for each phase of a horse trial.  
          The lowest 2 scores of each phase from each team will be added together to be the team score.
         The more riders a team has, the better the chances of having the lowest scores.  

          Seasonal Team Challenge: Name on plaque at Burgundy Hollow and
                                 10 - $10 gift certificates from
         Teams consist of a minimum of 3 riders.  Team must compete at two Burgundy Hollow Horse Trials in 2011.  
               Two riders must be the same at each event.  The lowest 2scores from each team at each event will count.
             The more riders, the better the chance of having the lowest scores.  At our October Horse Trials, the winning
                            team with the lowest cumulative score will receive 10 gift certificates and their name will be engraved on a
            plaque that will remain at Burgundy Hollow.
       Entry Information

                                               Horse Trial                       $ 75.00 (Intro $60)
                                               Combined Test             
    $ 50.00
                                               Dressage                         $ 25.00 first test               $20 any subsequent test
                                               Stadium (clear round)  
     $15 first round                  $10 any subsequent round
                                               Cross Country                 $ 35 first round                $20 any subsequent round

        Rider and Horse Combination may do as many of the each phase (dressage, stadium and xc).  
           To be scored as a combined test or horse trials, rider/horse combination must enter same level at each phase.

Level                               Dressage  Test                            Cross Country Height / Speed                      Stadium Height
Intro                          2011 Walk/Trot USDF Intro A *                    18"    / not timed                                         18"
Starter                      2010 USEF BN Test  A or B                             2 '  0"  / not timed                                     2'  0"
BN                            2010 USEF BN Test  A or B                             2 '  7"  / not timed                                     2'  7"
N                               2010 USEF N Test    A or B                             2 ' 11" / not timed                                    2' 11"

Cross Road Tack Horse Shows

Cross Road Tack Schooling Shows are for all ages and abilities. For the 2012 season we will be offering our Sunday Hunter Series, Evening Dressage Shows, Hunter Schooling Shows at CRC and a Barrel Racing/Pole Bending/Reining Show.

We are proud to be a member of the Susquehanna Valley Horse show Association. An organization dedicated to promoting local horse events. Participants at the Cross Road Shows will be able to chase points and possibly win prizes for high point in many different divisions. Visit their website for more information.

Our Dressage shows will offer Intro level through 2nd Level. More may be added if there is interest. We are adding a Wednesday Evening Dressage Series. These will be small shows with limited entries, but a good chance for feedback in a laid back setting.

Our Sunday Hunter Series will have something for every ability level. Compete in at least 3 shows to qualify for Year End awards at the October Show.

We have added Pole Bending to our IBRA Barrel Show along with a Reining Schooling opportunity. There will be open schooling classes before each division.

We are going to be holding 2 schooling hunter shows at Columbia Riding Club in June & September.

Come to compete or just to watch and cheer on your favorite horse!


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