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...A bad day at the barn is still better than a good day anywhere else...

Horseng Farm

6475 Warden Road

New Tripoli, Pa  18066


Our Philosophy

To You -

We welcome the diversity of all ages and disciplines here at our farm.  You are never too old to stop learning, and horses teach us something every day, if we can stay quiet long enough to listen.  Our specialty, however, is the junior equitation rider. 

We are VERY different from other riding academies because of our intensive approach to learning the art of riding.  Our program requires a great deal of discipline, focus, dedication, and commitment.  It takes years to become truly "good".  A lot of people are swept away by the romantic notions of riding a horse, and upon learning that there is no instant gratification in this sport, are usually finished with their riding phase in a short period of time.  But the truly horse-crazy individuals - those bitten hard by the horse bug - will love it here. 

That is not to say that we don't have fun!  It is our number one priority, and on any given day our gang is usually in high spirits, after all, we are doing what we love, and what could be better than that!  When speaking of dedication and commitment we mean that most of our students ride a minimum of twice per week.  To encourage this practice we offer a sliding fee scale, as well as the most comprehensive horse lease program around.  The more times per week you ride, the less expensive it becomes.  (Does that mean if you ride every day, it's free?  Hmmmmmmmmm!)  More time in the saddle equals faster improvement, which makes for happier horses!

We love to challenge ourselves with new equine sports and activities.  Dressage, eventing, drill team, polo, sidesaddle, vaulting, horse soccer, paper chases, camping, beach riding, and mounted scavenger hunts are all some of the things we have done or are planning to do in the future. 

We searched for years to find the perfect farm, and it has also taken several years to assemble a really nice string of school horses, most of which are also very talented show horses as well.  Every day our main goal is to make this a happy and peaceful place for everyone to call home.  We are excited to share this place with all of you. 

In conclusion, if you are new to the sport of riding?  Perfect.

If you are experienced?  You've never experienced horses like this before.

Come ride with us!

 - Heather & Family

Riding Lessons

 As a riding instructor, I often hear parents trying to tell their children to "be the boss" of a thousand pound animal.  This is a little misguided.  I believe that the ultimate goal of riding is to become equal partners with your horse, and my favorite job is to match up horses and riders.  I try to give everyone a chance to bond with their favorite mount, not only through riding, but also by learning to care for horses and understand how they think and feel, as well as how to handle them on the ground.  The partnership that people form with horses is very unique.

Our lesson and trail horses are selected for their calm, quiet dispositions and tolerance for rider error.  Some riding schools employ "push-button" horses.  This means that the horses listen to signals from the riding teacher while the students only have to worry about maintaining the proper position.  Our horses are "equine barometers".  They respond to cues given by you, the rider, and will wait patiently for you to ask them correctly. 

Here at Horseng Farm, we have a program to meet your individual needs. Our students range from the most serious riders in heavy competition to the horse enthusiast just learning to ride, and everyone in between. Our beginner groups are kept very small so that every one gets individual attention. All of our students are taught to tack and untack before and after the lesson. Good horsemanship and a strong foundation of the basics of riding are always thoroughly covered in every lesson.  The time frames listed below are the students riding time, the time spent on grooming, tacking, and untacking is included free of charge, unlike many other facilities!   (Expect to spend two hours at the barn for most lessons unless prior arrangements have been made with Heather.)  Lesson packages are good for 6 months after purchase. 

Full Hour Private Lessons: $60 each or $220 per month 

Half-Hour Private Lessons: $40 each or $140 per month

45 Minute Semi-Private Lessons: $40 each or $140 per month

1 Hour Group Lessons: $40 each or $140 per month

We also have a lease program for the serious students in the lesson program wishing to ride more. This is great for those who are not quite sure if they are ready for the commitment of owning a horse. We have full and partial leases to choose from. Leasers get first pick of their favorite horse and care for the horse as if he/she were their own.  Leasers get first choice of their horse for shows, clinics, and events.  The lease also covers use of lesson tack and grooming tools.  You are encouraged to spend as much time with "your" horse as possible, with as much grooming and grazing time as you can take!  We no longer allow unsupervised practice rides for safety reasons.  Leases run on a month to month basis, due on the first day of each month. 

Blue-Ribbon Lease

Three group lessons per week.


Red-Ribbon Lease

Two group lessons per week.


Yellow-Ribbon Lease

One group lesson per week.



After School Program

There are three hallmarks of our after school program at our farm:  1) Our genuine concern for the overall personal development, self-esteem, and well being of your child, 2) our commitment to provide the highest quality riding instruction, and 3) our desire to share with your child our compassion and appreciation for horses as fellow living creatures and friends.

We have long endeavored to provide an environment that gives your child (and adults - and horses) a sense of peace and belonging.  Unlike many other stressful and superficial aspects of modern culture, our farm provides a "safe harbor", a place where we nurture success and self-esteem for everyone. 

School-Year-Long Commitment

As we are committed to your child, we ask that you be equally committed to us.  We give preference in our after school program to students who are serious about learning to ride and who plan to continue in the program throughout the school year.  If you are not sure about your child's continued interest in horses, please consider weekend lessons, our 4-H program, or Saddle Club.  "After School at the Stable" (ASATS) is offered on a monthly basis, four weeks per month.  During school breaks, when there may be fewer than four weeks of school in a month, kids may schedule a make-up lesson or an extra after-school day.  Our calendar is based on the Lehigh County public school calendar.  Other school calendars can be accommodated. 


After-School Activities

The heart of our program is a one-hour group riding lesson, scheduled at 5, 6, or 7 pm.  Extended supervision is offered to children who can observe quietly, study, or do barn chores with minimal supervision.  ASATS is offered Tuesday through Friday.  Your child may participate one, two, three, or four days of the week. 


Students of the Northwestern Lehigh and Parkland school districts can arrange with the bus barn to ride a school bus to the stable.  If no other alternative is available (and especially if your child has attended ASATS before), we may be able to provide limited transportation to the stable from Allentown area schools.  First, check with your friends about car pooling!


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