Horseng Farm

Trail Riding

Horseng Farm offers trail riding to small groups of 2 to 4.  Our horses are mostly trained for the show ring and don't always have an "autopilot" button.  Our boarders, leasers, and lesson students may take rides out on the trail, but we usually don't get much of a chance during the summer months with camp and horse shows.  For large groups and avid trail riders, we have several recommendations.

Deer Path Riding Stable in the Poconos - 570-443-4431

Haycock Stables in Perkasie - 215-257-6271

Red Buffalo Ranch in Collegeville - 610-489-9707 

Boy & Girl Scouts

We have many Scout groups use our facility every year. Most popular of these are those coming for our Horse Lovers Program.This program is designed to allow the scouts to complete all the requirements for their Horse Lovers Badge. Groups participate in a two hour activity with all equipment provided. Other groups of Scouts have come for the entire weekend to concentrate on their riding skills. Set up varies, but the program is usually similar to the riding weekends. Still other groups have included the horses at many different levels with other programs that we have available with our summer camp. Most groups have worked on other badges that individuals have needed in their troop. With many acres of woods, trails and fields, camp fire access, and lots of great horses, the possibilities are endless!

Birthday Parties at the Farm!

Plan The Best Birthday Ever!

Birthdays at our farm are fun for the whole family. Your child and his/her friends will spend time learning about horses, grooming and riding! Our parties give your child hands-on experience with horses and quality time on the farm.  You can customize your birthday party according to the age and experience levels of your group.  We have had parties with very young children who are doing short pony rides up to teenagers who want a jumping lesson with their friends.  Fun ideas include scavenger hunts, needle in the haystack, or playing manhunt in the woods!  Usually the parties start at $100 per hour per horse for the "saddle time".  We have a fridge, grill, and picnic tables available for your use free of charge.  You bring the cake, food, and presents, and we'll do the rest!  Long pants, suitable footwear, and parental releases are required.  Please call for details.

More fun party ideas…….

Paper Bag Sheriff Vests:
Use paper grocery bags, cutting out a vest design and have the kids decorate them...Adorable
Pan for Pennies:
Use any container filled with sand (you can buy playground sand at the hardware store), add pennies and
dig for "GOLD" using hands, pie plates, sifters or....
Hot Dogs around a Campfire:
create a simple campfire circle with logs or rocks and paper flames and have the kids picnic here
Decorate Horse Shoes:
New horse shoes can be purchased at many hardware stores or local feed stores, kids can decorate them using all types of craft supplies...they make great party favors and really cute picture frames.
Use bales of Straw
for theme decoration as well as picture backgrounds and additional seating
Leather Pouches for penny bags or favor bags.
...Also, red bandanas tied on long sticks like hobo bags are very cute and easy to fill with party goods.
...Looks great on tables in flower pots as centerpieces before the kids get them to take home

Needle in a Haystack
(a little messy, but very fun) undo a bale of STRAW and make a mound, hide treasures for the kids to find
Have the kids draw or decorate
an 8.5 X. 11 piece of paper and put there names on it, after the party, take to printing shop and have bound together atop calendar sheets...the birthday child can be reminded of their great birthday and friends all year.
Sack and Three Legged Race
Create back yard carnivals by serving snow cones, pop corn, adding balloons and can create fun carnival games using balloons, balls, hula hoops and squirt guns.

If you have a specific theme, tell us and we can try to dress up our ponies to match. We can easily do holidays themes, Hawaiian themes, Western themes and whatever else creative.

Spring Break Camp


March 29 to April 1


Full Week: $600 per session (9 AM to 3 PM)


Daily Rate: $100 per day (9 AM to 3 PM)


Before & After Camp Care: $10 per hour

So, you're sitting at home in April. For one reason or another your vacation plans, which correspond with your child's spring break have been canceled, or don't exist and you're faced with a dilemma: How are you going to keep your child entertained for a week?


Horseng Farm is now open for our spring break camp! This week will be an exceptionally low key week. This time of year, we are very busy working on opening up for summer camp, and getting the extra layer of body fat off our our school string horses (and perhaps, a bit off of us as well). There will be lots and lots of riding! Campers can vote for lessons, drill team, broomstick polo, bareback riding, and practice riding every day, multiple times a day. Vaulting is a possibility as well. Beyond that, I can't promise what you will be doing, but I can promise that you will be kept busy! Campers that came for their spring break at other farms rode two to three times a day, groomed a million (they might have been exaggerating) horses a day, pulled manes, scrubbed buckets and spent A LOT of time teaching the green horses how to jump and do tricks.  They also spent an hour or two on several days vaulting, went on at least one trail ride, watched movies during rainy days, and another opted for an afternoon nap! Everyone voted that Spring Break camp was a great success and their riding skills improved greatly.

Tater Tots Program

Tater Tots Summer Camp (one week only) this year will be held June 15 - 19, in two sections - from 9 AM until noon, and from 1 PM to 4 PM (Ages 3 - 6).  This is a great intro to horses for the young ones.  Parents are more than welcome to stay for the sessions (especially if you have a far drive!)  We will add a session if there is a high demand for it.  We will learn a lot while having fun!   The cost is $200 per week.



A Horse Camp Experience Designed Especially for Preschoolers!


The Tater Tot spring program is an intro to ponies program, designed especially for your preschooler (ages 2 thru 6 years), who begs to ride a pony, but is too young for formal riding lessons.  Parents are encouraged to stay for the lesson.

This program will include 2 hours of fun pony related activities like:

  • Learning safety around a pony
  • Learning to groom a pony
  • Learning to saddle your pony
  • Taking pony rides in an enclosed arena
  • Learning to braid pony manes and tails with pretty pink or blue satin ribbons!
  • Polishing your pretty pony’s nails (really polishing hooves with hoof oil!)
  • Decorating horse shoes with rainbow sparkle glitter glue & other arts & crafts
  • Learning to measure and feed your pony’s grain
  • Learning to break away a flake of hay
  • Learning to fill your pony’s water bucket
  • And much, much more!!! 

LIMITED TO 4 to 6 children per group.


Spring Sessions:
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00-4:00
March 26th thru May 30th, 2015

(Make-up days may be scheduled for missed sessions)

Enroll for 1 session for $30 OR 1 week for $50 OR
enroll for all 10 weeks for the discounted price of $500.
(Each week will be different, and will improve riding skills)

Need alternate days or times?
Let us know what works for you!


Adult Camp at New Meadow Farm

Looking for a horseback riding getaway?  We are planning our first ever Adult Camp this year, and I'm thinking a long weekend in Virginia sounds like just the ticket for fun! 

Plan a riding weekend when you can enjoy lessons, guided trails, and overnight accommodations at New Meadow. 

From September to May, when camps are not in session, rooms in the main house and bunkhouses are available for weekend or overnight stays. This is a great opportunity for mother-daughter weekends and riding vacations!

Go to for more information.

The date of our getaway has yet to be determined.  Talk to Heather if interested.

The Point of the Pony Points!

The idea behind the pony points program is for our students to be able to earn credits towards competitions, field trips, or farm sleepovers.  This program helps to assist riders who might not be able to afford these activities otherwise.  Points are added for good sportsmanship, stable management, assisting other riders, and even good grades.  Points are subtracted for negative attitudes, not cleaning up after your horse, leaving out your tack and equipment, or making a mess in the office.  Pony points can be earned during Saturday and Sunday mini-camp days during the year.  Talk to Heather for more information on this program.



 Clean a stall 1
 Pick up rocks in the big ring 3
 Rake the indoor 5
 Sweep the barn aisle 1
 Clean the office 5
 Scrub and fill a water trough 1
 Teach a grooming lesson 5
 Help a beginner for the day 5
 Organize the brush buckets 2
 Sweep the porch 1
 De-cobweb the barn 1
 Groom a horse not being worked 1
 Clean the bathroom 5
 Pull weeds around the barn 1
 Clean a bridle & saddle 2
 Bring in an A+ paper from school 2


MINUS POINTS (to be decided by Heather)


 Leaving out trash or water bottles
 Leaving your helmet, pants, or boots lying around
 Leaving your brushes out
 Not sweeping up after your horse
 Using bad language
 Making another rider do your work
 Bad mouthing a horse
 Making another rider feel bad



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